What the automotive press says:

Hemmings Motor News

"My original Volvo service manuals include a foldout diagram of the stock electrical system. It’s complete and workable, but it’s all in black and white and nearly very difficult to read quickly. A quick Internet search turned up a handy alternative at colorwiringdiagrams.com. For $20, they shipped me a laminated 11-inch-by-20-inch diagram of the 1800E stock wiring drawn from scratch, color-coded and clearly labeled. I cannot exaggerate how useful this is for reference."  Steve Berry, Contributing Editor, Hemmings Motor News

What our customers say:

"I just wanted to commend you on the accuracy of this diagram. I really appreciate the amount of effort you put into getting the layout to match the physical reality as much as possible, too. I managed to disconnect a couple of the wires up by the glovebox on my 1972 Midget and lost my right rear turn signal as a result. Your diagram allowed me to easily diagnose where the problem was (I didn't realize that I had disconnected them) as well as find the offending connectors and see the problem. Unfortunately, it is harder than blue blazes to actually get the wires back into their proper connectors in there with no slack and no way to see what you are doing, but that isn't your fault, is it? In cross-referencing the diagrams in the Haynes manual, I found that yours were not only easier to read, but they more accurately depicted the connections involved both logically and physically. I never would have found this with the Haynes diagram.  Thanks again for all of the work that went into these!" - David L., 1972 MG Midget


"I got the wiring diagram today. It is the best I have ever seen. I have restored several classic bikes and always have a problem getting the wiring back the way it should be. Most times there have been some alterations through the years on the older bikes. I have tried taking detailed digital pictures, but even that has not been much benefit. Your wiring diagram is very clear and easy to understand. It is laid out in a very logical manner and is easy to follow. You have done a terrific job on it.  Thanks again for a very high quality, laminated document. I have left positive feedback for you and will recommend you to the other /5 owners I know." - Dennis P., BMW Slash 5 owner


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We are car and motorcycle enthusiast and started this site because we happened on a good idea at the right time.  We want, to the best of our abilities, to make every customer happy – because to us, you’re a fellow car/bike enthusiast.

If you, for any reason, are unhappy with your diagram, we will either replace it or refund your money without question.

Our Error:  If we have made an error in the diagram we’ve sent you (and hey, we’re human and we do make mistakes every now and then) we will immediately send you the proper diagram.  We’ll also send you a postage paid label so that you can drop the first diagram in the mail; we’re assuming that you’ll send that one back to us.

If You Goof Up:  If you realize you hit the wrong button upon ordering, contact us as quickly as possible – if we haven’t shipped yet, we’ll substitute the right diagram.  If you get the diagram, just send it back (you pay the return postage) and we’ll send you the diagram you want (and we pay the postage to you!).

If You’re Just not Happy:  If, for any reason, you don’t like the diagram – send it back to us (you pay the postage) and we’ll refund your entire original payment.  No questions asked.

If we don’t have a diagram for your car: Send us a note – we keep them and add cars based on demand.  If you’ve got good clean copies of factory diagrams, that goes a long way to influencing our decision to add a car to our library.  If you supply us a diagram, we’ll give you a free copy of the color diagram that we eventually produce.  That said, we’ll only do diagrams for a series of years of a car, not just a single year, and only if we think we can sell enough diagrams to warrant the effort.  Sorry, there just aren’t enough Lamborghini Urraco’s to make the effort worthwhile – even though we love that car.

Volume Discounts and Shop Discounts:  Generally, we start discounting when you buy 10 or more diagrams.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we can talk about it.  We are happy to support volume purchases by Clubs.

Donations:  And speaking of Clubs, we are happy to donate diagram certificates to your clubs raffle.  Contact us at prospero@colorwiringdiagrams.com and let us know how big your club is and when your raffle will be held.